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sizing issues: me or the clothes?

my suit obsession has hit a snag. j. crew doesn't like me.

first i ordered a gray ruffled jacket, a two-button wool crepe jacket, wool crepe trousers and a wool crepe pencil skirt (all in black, of course).

the gray jacket and pencil skirt, nice. they sent me a three-button, which didn't fit my ultra-short torso, and the pants were out of stock.

then a few weeks later i tried again: two-button jacket, trousers and another pencil skirt, this time in black wool gabardine.

the skirt was too big, the jacket too small (well, the top button was poorly placed for me). the pants were very nice. so the jacket and skirt are going back. i suppose i could send back the pants, too, but i could always use a nice pair of dress pants.

i'm feeling a little dispirited about this shopping experience. maybe i might order another pair of the wool gab trousers because i know they fit well (with three-inch heels, i don't even need to hem them), but i'm not sure. three out of eight isn't really that great of a record, so i think it's time to try another store.



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