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tiny arms of steel

nola is in the crib. she is pulling herself up, looking around, and then soundly, roundly, bland-facedly letting go and plopping her big diaper-covered bottom down onto the crib mattress. she is doing this over and over and over. i'm not sure if she's doing this because it's fun or if she is trying to get my attention. i would have suspected the latter, but she's not even looking at me half the time.

right before i was about to post this, she miscalculated and left one arm hanging onto the side of crib as she fell. body dangling, one arm twisted and clutching the crib railing, the other resting below her, she was initially silent as if stunned, then started to whimper. i rescued her from her contortionist pose, and she immediately resumed her standing and sitting exercise with my headboard as personal trainer. but at least this time she's smiling.



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