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unfamiliar grounds

this morning we took paul to school.

as usual, we were running late. cam dropped us off at the front while he and nola tried to find parking.

three boys tried to keep paul from hanging up his backpack. he didn't seem upset, so i stood back and just watched. he just kept smiling -- an "oh, you guys" kind of a smile -- but i felt a little bit worried for him. he was finally able to hang up his backpack, then he came over to me to get his bag of valentines.

one of the mothers introduced herself after paul went in the classroom. she was rather fond of paul, it seemed. i felt totally at a loss because she seemed to know so much about me while i didn't have a clue who she was. she didn't introduce herself as so-and-so's mom, so i wasn't even sure if she was a kindergarten mom at first. i fear i babbled in my discomfort.

of course, then to make matters worse, i had no idea where cam was after i exited the school. i walked one direction while the other mom walked another. i ended up crossing paths with her again. she made a commiserating comment ("that happened to me once, too"), but i still wanted to hide. i eventually found cam and nola parked near the entrance of the school.

if paul is half as awkward as i am, school must be really rough on him.



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