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when IM is not sufficient

i should clarify -- this conversation was in april of 2007. i don't frown at him, he doesn't laugh at me. well, he does. and i do. but not in response to each other. usually.

cam: and i don't make unhappy faces at you saying that something looks interesting
my unhappy faces are directed at things like that
cam: directed at your comments about how we can't/don't need to do certain things
me: that's not very explanatory
cam: about how you like something but... there's no point
me: yes, i understood that
but it doesn't mean anything

cam: what doesn't mean anything
me: it's just boo, how sad
and believe it or not, sometimes a real response would be appreciated

cam: i have no idea how to react in those situations
me: we give each other happy faces all the time when we say funny things or share funny things
and that's acceptable because in person, sure, we might smile or laugh
me: but if i say something to you in person that you don't agree with or find sad, would you simply frown at me?

cam: har
that would be funny



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