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about two or so weeks ago, i spent $2.99 on a pack of elastic bands for nola's hair. she has long hair that is always in her face -- i know i could cut it, but i don't want bangs for her right now.

at the time, i laughed because $2.99 bought me 600 elastic bands. 600. i figured that would last us FOREVER.

much to my surprise, these bands are beyond disposable. they stretch out so much that they often can't be used more than once. some of them have snapped. (not on her head, though.) what originally seemed like an amazing bargain is now a bit less than that. a lifetime supply suddenly reduced to less than two years? they are great little elastic bands, perfect on nola's baby soft hair, yes, but... i think what i really need are those little tiny orthodontic rubber bands i used to get for my braces. i wonder how much 600 of those would cost?



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