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more on vanity sizing

i've been doing my bit to save the economy, i guess. and i've learned that either i have no freaking idea what size i wear, or manufacturers have no idea to dress women shaped like me, or both. i've got a little spreadsheet with the size charts of various stores, and they are all fairly similar. some size a little big, some a little small. i have no desire to look at older size charts because i know they will be distressing. (god, like wedding dress sizing, or at least like wedding dress sizing over a decade ago. eesh. trying on a dress and having a saleslady say, "THAT'S your size? but you're so small," was a little weird.) i think what manufacturers need to do is continue to provide these size charts with body measurements, but also provide clothing measurements. i occasionally check a fashion message board and it's full of "how does X fit?" maybe if we had measurements, people wouldn't need to ask that so often.



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