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multitasking and the art of daycare

i've been a little out of commission posting-wise this week because i've been bringing nola to backup daycare at work. not that i usually post at work or anything, but because i'm so damned tired when i get home. i get to work around 6:30-6:45, feed and change her, then walk to the daycare around 7:25. i get back to the office about 20 minutes later. then at 12:30 i go feed her, returning about an hour later. at 3:20, i pick her up and bring her back to the office. i usually continue to work (while carrying her or feeding her) until cam shows up around 4:30ish.

now i know what it's like to leave the office in the middle of the day! it's amazing to see... daylight! but it also sucks because i'm used to working continuously, so i feel like i got very little done this week.

nola has had a pretty good time at daycare this week. each day was better than the day before. the first day she wouldn't sleep unless someone was carrying her. by thursday she had two long naps in their little nest (this wading-pool-sized thing that looks like a dog bed -- i believe they use this for babies who don't normally sleep in cribs). she cried each time i left, but the crying times got shorter and shorter. i fear that when i bring her back on monday she'll have to start all over again. the girls there are really sweet and they seem to really like nola (she can't possibly be the most challenging thing they've ever dealt with). i am so glad my firm offers this place as a benefit.



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