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speaking of jury duty

i was off work on monday for jury duty. (of course, i dutifully checked work email throughout the day and took care of what i could, then did more when i got home.)

i came away from the experience with three thoughts.

1) jurors are a poorly dressed bunch. many of the people actually going to court are quite a different matter. i gazed with much delight upon a tall woman in a purple sequined fedora and beaded lavender satin pumps. she wore a trenchcoat, so i couldn't tell what was beneath it, but i was certain it was also wildly flashy and just as purple.

2) jurors who come without reading material or anything else to occupy the waiting time are foolish.

3) if you don't get picked for a panel, then it's really just a nice opportunity to sit quietly and read.

i had a great day. i was able to sleep in. cam was working from home, so he dropped me off and picked me up, and best of all, met me for lunch. how lovely it is to be able to see him in the middle of the day.

the courts didn't need anyone else after calling a sole panel around a quarter to ten, so they sent the rest of us home a little after three.

a coworker objected to my calling jury duty "a day out" -- you were on jury duty, not traipsing around disneyland -- but what else can i call a day in which i got to get up an hour and a half later than usual, read a book for most of the day, AND take a leisurely lunch with cam?



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