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weekend activities

the most interesting thing i did this past weekend was pay off my mortgage on animal crossing: city folk. okay, maybe not quite, but close.

saturday i was supposed to attend a party, but cam deemed me still too sick to go. so nola and i stayed home while he and paul went with my mom. it sounds like it was a good party, so i'm pretty bummed i missed it.

sunday was interesting, though. it was the anniversary of my brother's death, so we went to the cemetery with flowers. then cam took the kids and went to his parents' house to see a visiting (and soon departing) aunt, and my mom and i had an early lunch at cpk. (cute waiter.)

the rest of the weekend was seriously rooted-to-the-couch time, except for when i went to bed (early all three nights). i didn't do much, and it was kind of nice. i have the day off today because paul has his first optometrist appointment this afternoon, but i feel like i ought to be doing something more productive than more sitting on the couch... but i also feel too apathetic to do something more productive than sitting on the couch.



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