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i've been living the bad hair life for weeks now. my hair seemed to be behaving quite nicely, but then the little baby hair regrowth (after the lovely postpartum hair loss) hit a very awkward stage. suddenly i had long bangs with short bangs underneath! to make matters worse, the short bangs had a weird wave to them. for a while, i just wore the bangs tightly pulled back or to the side. for the last few days i've been able to just leave them pushed to the side and they've been okay -- a little puffy, but livable. BUT then the rest of the regrowth decided to show off, and good freaking god, i wish nola would let me wear hats (she yanks and tugs). i have... amazing volume on top of my head. when i have my bangs pulled to the side, it looks like i'm wearing a little fluffy puffball hat slightly off-center on my head. i guess i should just sort of shrug and think of this as a badge of honor for motherhood, but really, i just look silly.



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