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get well or die

i used to take off every friday because i had an overabundance of benefit time that i needed to use up. but... a combination of circumstance, illness and incompetence has been forcing me into the office for the last few weeks.

today is the last weekday of paul's spring break, and someone else's illness meant that i didn't get to enjoy any of those days with him. cam and i had briefly discussed disneyland for friday, but we wouldn't have ended up there anyway because the crowds this week (being spring break and all) have been monstrous.


fine, don't give a shit about your health. fine, make lameass excuses to yourself about why you are the way you are. fine, ignore everyone who has ever made an effort to care about you. but goddammit, it's not fair that your inability to take care of your own business means i have to miss out on my child's life.

paul: since you're not going to work tomorrow...
me: no, sweetie, i have to go to work, i'm sorry.
paul: oh.
paul: if you didn't have to go to work, you could dye eggs with us.
me: oh.

i hate you sometimes.



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