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sometimes i get, if not obsessed with, then heavily intrigued by, certain competitive-type reality tv shows. right now it's "make me a supermodel." i watched the first season and liked it, but then didn't think much about it. (still -- yay, holly!) when the second season started, i was all, oh hey, that show! didn't even realize i missed it. but i don't watch for the drama, i watch for the pretty -- so all the wah-wah-wah-shit gets fast-forwarded and in the end, the show takes less than half an hour to watch. then i read the weecaps on twop and i feel like an official viewer of the show. awesomeness. without twop, i'd have no idea that salome talks about her mennonite upbringing all the time, that colin is obsessed with his virginity, that amanda is astonished by gabe's attraction because she's a single mom, and that jordan can't shut up about how much she hates amanda.

cj's attitude, well, you can see that even in fast-forward.

i would be happy with most of these people if they won, but i especially like kerryn and jonathan.



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