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date afternoon

so cam and i had a late lunch and then went to the movies. (his parents watched the kids -- on friday, cam asked his dad if they could watch the kids for a bit on saturday. "maybe," he said. when cam said we might go see "star trek," his demeanor changed. "in that case, yes. har.)

lunch was very nice.

the movie was pretty good. it takes me a while to warm up to things. sure, there are plenty of things i like right away (this usually applies to food, though), but tv and movies usually take me some head time. i can safely say i liked it better today than i did yesterday. it verged into cheese more times than i could count, but i still call it "a good time," and that's more than i can say for most movies.

then we picked up the kids, and shockingly enough, nola and i went to sleep shortly after we got home (around 8-something). i had hoped to stay up with cam, but being sick and low on sleep kind of contrives to make one less than active.



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