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day of mom

i had a very nice mother's day. it took a while to get moving, but that's typical for us.

paul made me the awesomest poster. i love it. i need to hang it up at work.

we got takeout from veggie grill and noah's bagels, then went to a park in rpv for a picnic and playtime. sitting happily on the grass, nola made plenty of people smile as they walked by. after we ate, we explored the park for few minutes, then paul and cam went to play baseball. nola and i went for a walk and i took many pictures of her. at one point i let her crawl around on the grass. while looking at the camera, i was alarmed to discover that i had snapped a picture of her eating weeds. she screamed with delight and fun as i tried to fish greenery out of her mouth.

on our way to cam's parents' house afterwards, we drove by the trump golf course. who knew it was so close?

it was a good day. we need more of those.



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