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highway robbery, or ungratefully photogenic

yes, i understand that pictures are worth a thousand words, etc. etc. etc. i know that i will be happy to have so many pictures of paul as a kindergartener because he'll one day be an adult and i will cherish my fading memories of him as a tiny boy. yes, yes, yes, yada yada yada. i know all this is true.

but that doesn't mean i want his school to push photos on me at every opportunity. tell me, why are there two picture days a year? (the first one, i understand -- but the second one? how dare you send home $45 worth of pictures and then tell me just to simply send back what i don't want. how can i return pictures of MY son? SHADY.) why is there an expensive custom classroom photobook? stop trying to appeal to my mommy heart while stealing from my mommy wallet.



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