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end of the year festivities

well, so things did kind of go to hell while i was away, but i wouldn't have missed paul's performance for anything. so cute! dressed in yellow with yellow chicken hats, his class performed to a medley of the chicken dance, the itsy bitsy spider and head shoulders knees and toes. one class sang a truncated version of bob marley's "three little birds." they wore red/yellow/green cardboard bands on their heads with long black and brown yarn dreads attached. it was sort of surreal. another class (also in yellow, but with curious george hats) sang a song about sharing. there was also hula dancing and a new york, new york ("first grade, first grade") revue. at the end the classes all got together and sang a mostly garbled song about summer vacation that involved jumping up and down. the teachers were very excited that the year was over.

then the students went back to their classes and the principal stalled the parents for a few moments so the kids could get settled.

the parents milled around while the kids ate. then the parents stood around while the kids played. paul chased some friends around and was chased in return. it's always so nice to see him having fun with other kids. then we went home, happy and overheated after all running around in the mid-afternoon southern california sunshine.



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