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lack of [birth] control

after having it for just under a year, i will be having my mirena iud removed tomorrow morning.

in the beginning, i thought it was fab. and it was fab. i sucked at taking the pill, so this no-stress/no-maintenance little thing was just up my alley. i was also never particularly fond of my period, so the idea of not really having one sold me.

but a few months back, i realized that i wasn't so happy. i could live with the spotting, but the itch? a bumpy rash in an unmentionable place? not so good. but the itch and the rash went away after just a day or so, so i didn't think too much of it.

but they came back, and came back for longer amounts of time each instance. the itching moved from nights-only to all-day discomfort. (as a former eczema sufferer, i am extremely proficient at scratching in my sleep -- so all that effort wasted on not scratching during the day was negated by even just five minutes of unconsciousness.) the spotting increased in frequency and got heavier. my skin hovered between "teenage" and "pregnant" levels of pimpliness. i felt bloated and sore. sex? riiight. don't even look at me that way.

after the most recent bout of misery, i finally admitted to myself that this wasn't working, and i told cam. i wasn't sure what he would say, but i was really glad he didn't even try to talk me out of it. (again -- sex? like he was going to tell me to keep it after i said i was suffering from a decreased sex drive.) so i emailed my doctor, and within a few hours i had an appointment.

cam told me to document my symptons here so that we can see how long it takes for them to clear up. i don't really know how much is actually caused by the mirena, but it'll be interesting to see what actually goes away.



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