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disloyalty in the workplace

i am in the midst of a work dilemma.

my boss' new boss called me a few days ago. we spoke for about 45 minutes -- or rather, he talked for 40 minutes and i managed to get about five minutes in edgewise. he went on and on about his soapbox (technology is our friend; let's move into the current century). he talked about personal goals and work goals and "where do you see yourself in five years?" he talked about what others thought about my dept's main application (that we designed ourselves). he talked about meeting up in august (mentioning my boss like an afterthought). he talked about his open-door policy and "off the record" conversations. he said he'd call next week and to please think about what he talked about. i said okay, hung up and rubbed my ear.


the more i thought about it, the less comfortable i became. it's probably just timing (boss on vacation), but i feel like i'm in a precarious spot. even though i'm not particularly fond of my boss, the idea of potentially selling him down the river really does not sit well with me. i feel like the new boss wants dirt and is thinking perhaps that i'll be the snitch. i did initially think i'd be okay with that idea, but maybe i'm not. i'm afraid that when my boss gets back and hears about all this talking, he might think that i went over his head when really his boss went... under his. but it is probably just timing and it is just my overactive imagination and overinflated sense of workself ("single point of failure since 1998!"). when i told cam i didn't want to be disloyal to my boss, he pointed out that my boss doesn't exactly have my best interests at heart. "eff 'em," he said.

but the boss and i have been working together for a long time. this new boss, i've known his name for years, but we only just met in march in dc (he won the same award i did). he came down to la for a few days and we had a meeting or two, but we didn't really get a chance to talk until he called me. what are his goals? what are his motives? where do i fit into his schemes? where does my boss fit?

i don't know. i just don't know.



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