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fruitless meetings

i love my assistants, but both of them in one room = BAD idea. i cannot even believe some of the tangents we followed. of course, it's not like they were prepared for this meeting. you should have seen the face one of them made when i asked if they had any thoughts on the topic. it reminded me -- and i told them this -- of a meeting i had attended earlier in the week. there were five of us in la and two in sf via vid. the original plan was to put a set of specs up on the screen, but i guess there were some problems reconciling the content with the vid conference app (which i totally don't understand because surely other meetings have required both) so they had to scrap the content part. the meeting organizer said, hey, well, people will bring their own copies. when we were all seated, it turned out that two of the three others in la did not have their own copies. in fact, when asked if they had even reviewed them, one looked away. (i bit back a laugh and studied my own copy.) just sad. funny, but sad.

i think we ended up talking for almost an hour, but i'm not sure what about. there was about 10 minutes of work-talk and 45+ of inside jokes and random stories. i swear, one guy manages to work in his girlfriend into every conversation. i mean, i do appreciate a man who loves his woman, but good grief. i eventually shooed them away because others were waiting to talk to me.

one of the guys dropped by on his way out and said he would give the topic some thought over the weekend. he said he'd write stuff down and talk to me on monday. then he claimed that the meeting went the way it did because it's friday. i didn't have the heart to tell him, "dude, you two are like that every day."



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