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listen to me, dammit

last night cam went to a birthday party for a former coworker. i stayed home with the kids. we watched a bunch of wiggles dvds on netflix (because i am the lazy kind of mom). all was fine (there were some dinner squabbles that were irritating, but not a big deal) until paul started getting a little too aggressive with his little sister.

he had been picking on her a little bit -- running to get ahead of her, standing in her way -- but then he started yelling and tossing stuff around. he'd see that she had something and he would come flying across the room to yank it out of her hands. he pushed her, nearly hit her.

me: stop it, paul, let her play.
me: stop it, paul.
me: PAUL.
me: STOP IT.

finally he looked at me.

paul: no one can stop me.
me: i can.

i stood up, turned off the lights and the tv.

me: go to bed.

the tears! cam arrived a few minutes later and i willingly turned paul over to him. it was past nola's bedtime and she, too, was getting cranky. paul cried and whined for what seemed like an eternity.

paul: i don't have ANY choices.
me: you did have choices, but you lost them.

paul: i don't have any choices!
cam: you do: bed or bath?

that kid. i would have totally relented if there hadn't been a fit of such enormous proportions. but i guess it's better this way because he did need to realize there were consequences for his behavior.



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