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leggo my lego

blogging from legoland! exciting.

our time here got off to a bit of a rocky start -- the drive was great, quiet and low on traffic, by the way -- because paul was really cranky. he refused rides, whined, fussed and generally was a pain in the ass. for a while there i thought we'd have to abort and return home. (i tried to get cam to take a short walk without us so he could cool off, but he declined.) but things improved, and now he and cam are playing in the build and test room while i sit here in the shade with a sleeping nola. (nola wore herself out in the water park area. she, unlike her big brother, seems to enjoy getting wet.)

tonight and tomorrow night we'll stay in a local hotel, then back home on friday. tomorrow will be a full-on paul kind of day -- the air and space museum, the fleet science center and some kind of a museum on an aircraft carrier. wonder if i can sneak in some outlet shopping or time by the pool?



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