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a woman was soliciting donations for a womens' shelter outside of a local drugstore. cam gave her a dollar, so she told him he could take a tootsie-pop. paul and cam deliberated, and finally settled on a cherry one. we had looked up tootsie rolls once upon a time and were surprised to see paul could eat them, so we were fairly confident he could eat one of these.

but we were wrong. cam checked the ingredients and found a milk product. paul burst into tears. "i give up on all candy," he sobbed. i fought the lump in my throat and blinked a few times.

cam: breaks my heart.
me: i know.

i know some of you might scoff and think we're fools for even wanting to give our boy such an unhealthy treat, but i don't care. every kid should be able to enjoy an unexpected sweet every once in a while and not have to worry about getting very sick from it.



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