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first week

paul's first (partial) week of school is over. it's going to be both a long year and a short one.

lunches were easy this week because the "main course" was premade -- at paul's request, i made dairy/egg-free pigs in blankets on wednesday morning, and he ate those during the week. he also ate oatmeal bars that i baked, fruit and dairy-free cheddar crackers. he carried a thermos of soy milk, but he didn't really drink it, so i'm returning to milk and juice boxes next week.

he is still in last year's uniforms, but his old pants are a little too short. haven't broken out the new pants yet, though, because he's been wearing shorts instead (i only bought him one pair of uniform shorts last year, but i made two more over the summer by cutting and hemming two pairs of uniform pants with worn-out knees). he's wearing the same shoes, carrying the same lunchbox. new camouflage backpack.

cam and i worked from home on wednesday so that we could take paul to school and pick him up. we had been feeling a little apprehensive because we hadn't heard a damned thing from the school, and we were wondering if a letter from the school had been misdelivered or just lost. we didn't have a school supplies list, we didn't have a teacher. we didn't know anything at all.

so off we went to school. the class lists were posted on a little wall close to the front gate, so that solved that mystery. we peeked in the classroom, then headed out to the playground to figure out where paul's class would line up. i was a little sad to see that only one of his kindy classmates was in his class. i was also a little sad because everyone else in the class seemed to know each other. (and i was also a little sad because paul often pulled away from me to cling to cam, but that's nothing new so it hardly rates a mention.) the principal gave a short speech, and the classes marched off. we followed behind, but paul didn't pay us any attention.

i had a work conference call in the middle of the day. they asked me how the first day of school went. "i expected tears," i said, laughing, "but there were none!" someone told a cute story about how his sister followed the school bus to school, then came back to school at the end of the day to follow the school bus home. her kids had a great day and didn't even know. "oh, the parents are always worse off than the kids," we joked.

at the end of the day, we picked him up and he was perfectly fine. happy, even. we left him and nola (she came along to pick him up) with their grandfather and aunt, and returned home to work.

that night, the homework struggles began. homework was laid out the same way as in kindergarten (assignment sheet and assignments distributed at the end of the week, each night's homework returned the following morning in a folder), and paul's attitude towards homework was equally unchanged. wednesday night and thursday night were difficult. i found myself getting really rather impatient on thursday (to my shame) because i know he can do the work really quickly if he decides to do it, but the dawdling stretches out 5-minute assignments to over an hour's worth of fuss. good gravy.

but -- all in all -- this year is off to a better start than previous school years. fingers crossed it stays that way.



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