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pizza party

last night for dinner (and today for lunch) we had pizza.

not homemade, not cheeseless, but a real honest-to-god vegan pizza from a local pizza chain. (oh my goodness, my first pizza in what, 14-15 months?)

my sister-in-law mentioned a few days ago that zpizza carried a vegan pizza. we remembered it on friday and decided it might be a good dinner. but i checked their site and there were notices about their soy cheese containing casein. no go.

impulsively i did some googling and learned that they had started using a vegan cheese in limited release over the summer, but that all restaurants should have converted from soy to vegan by september. so i had cam call, and lo and behold, our local one used vegan cheese.

we ordered two -- one with capers/mushrooms/basil/artichoke hearts and one with sausage/mushroom (they must have thought cam was crazy to order vegan cheese with sausage). the crust was thin and crisp, the sauce tasty and the cheese pretty good. paul found the sausage too spicy and refused to eat anything but the crust. nola nibbled everyting, but that's par for the course.

today cam had paul eat a piece of the sausage/mushroom pizza with the sausage removed. he enjoyed it, so i think next time we'll get a mushroom pizza for paul. zpizza lists on their facebook page which pizzas could be "veganized," so i suspect we have a lot of pizza eating ahead of us.



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