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progress report

paul seems to be enjoying school. the work is going well, he's eating a lot of his lunch, he's doing a lot of running. he's also as modest as ever.

me: you have beautiful handwriting.
paul: [weary] i know.

cam and his sister have apparently hit upon the secret of making him do his homework -- turning it into a competition. who can write her/his name faster? can you finish your homework before i finish taking out the trash? whatever they're doing, it works better than standing over him and saying, "why aren't you doing your homework?"

today his class did some cooking -- they baked an apple crisp. the teacher, intentionally or unintentionally, bought a dairy-free margarine, so we didn't even need to provide anything. the school sent home a new set of forms for paul's epipen, so we didn't even need to request them. if the school didn't push the fundraising so much, they might be almost perfect.



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