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snack straws

our snack of choice right now is world gourmet lightly salted garden veggie straws. a few weeks ago my mom got half a bag from costco (her friend wanted to buy some, but didn't want the whole bag) and the kids tore through about a quarter of it very quickly. then i put the bag up high on a shelf because i didn't want them to finish it right away and forgot about it. about a week ago i found it again, and decided to bring the remainder with us on our marathon saturday last week.

it kept the children happy for longer than expected. it's a snack! it's a toy! (blowing through the straws amuses them more than it should.)

my mom went to costco last night and brought us a full bag of our own. even though it's only been about two hours since breakfast, the kids are nibbling. (i am, too.) there are worse things.



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