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why do i bother?

the other day at work i got myself pulled into a new project. my boss' new boss and i spoke on the phone for about 15-20 minutes about it, and i promised to have some data ready in time for our monthly departmental conference call the next day.

during the call he did indeed talk about the new project, but he called me by the wrong name -- twice. dude, get my name straight. we're not exactly a large department by any means. my boss corrected him and he apologized, but i think he apologized more to the woman whose name he used instead of to me. as my boss was now involved in the project, i promised to send him my findings sometime within the next day.

so. the next day i was not-so-merrily plugging away when my boss sent out an email informing his departments that he was leaving early for a doctor's appointment and that he would be out of the office the next day (but monitoring email). since i had planned to get him the data by the end of the day, i was less than pleased to discover that his end of the day was much going to be much sooner than my end of the day. i worked feverishly, skipping lunch and breaks, until the spreadsheet was done and my arms and wrists were numb. i sent it to him with a good 20 minutes to spare and a nice little explanatory note.

his response was to forward the spreadsheet to his boss with "this is the info from grace" and his own contribution to the project (a suggestion from someone in another department). not a word of thanks for me.

his boss' reaction was to leap on the suggestion and praise it. again, not a word of thanks for me. he had a question for my boss. my boss answered it. why did they even cc me on this?

i stood up in my chair, walked to a corner of my office not easily seen by passers-by (i leave my door open all the time), and fought back angry tears as i rubbed my aching wrists.

a few minutes later, once again composed, i sat in front of my computer and got back to work on another project.



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