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back to school

tuesday night cam and i went to back-to-school night at paul's school.

i like paul's teacher. she actually had a lot more to say than the "we hope to have a great year!" speech that school administration seems obligated to deliver. (i understand that i haven't actually witnessed too many of these as a parent, but goddammit, i was a student once, too.) she talked for longer than the allotted time, which obviously was not a big deal for us because we don't have kids in other grades, about the curriculum and new programs. she talked a lot about a new math system the school is trying out, and she provided a handout for the parents. she talked about a reading program and the science studies for the year. she described her homework schedule. she talked about spelling tests. she explained the need for "high-frequency" words and the importance of reading to get the message in what you're reading.

sitting in paul's little chair at paul's little desk, i felt like i was in school again. it was a little intimidating but also a little exhilarating. sure, the homework schedule seems excessive, but it sounds like there could be some real learning at work here.



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