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confessions of a shopaholic

today cam, paul and cam's dad went to the miramar air show.

i mentioned it to a friend yesterday: "what a fun guy thing!" he exclaimed.

so nola and i did a fun girl thing -- we went shopping with my mom. ended up getting a cute black skirt suit and a pretty bright pink (i KNOW!) dress. i've actually been shopping like a fiend lately (since i no longer pump at work, i'm ALWAYS on the lookout for cute dresses nowadays)... but i still need to say that these were pretty sweet deals. (my mom ended up paying for them because she used her store credit card for additional savings, so i need to pay her back.) i'm tired of feeling like in this economy we all need to live in sackcloth and ashes. goddammit, the stores are feeling the pinch, too, and somebody's got to take advantage of these recession-era prices...

interesting note: they are putting an h&m at del amo mall! as i told cam, i saw the familiar red lettering and i completely lost my shit. that's really the best description i can think of for my behavior. we're talking total disorientation. if i had been carrying nola in my arms instead of in my hip carrier, i would have dropped her.



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