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on october 30, my firm is doing some kind of halloween thing where you can bring in your kids to go to trick-or-treating on each floor in the late afternoon.

when it was announced, i totally wanted to bring nola and paul. but paul has a school event that afternoon, so i dropped the idea. but then it occurred to me i could bring nola to the back-up daycare and then pick her up by 3 so we could participate.

i mentioned it at home.

me: so i was thinking nola could go to the daycare...
my mom: she would have SUCH a rough day.
my mom: she's so clingy she won't even let me leave the room...
me: oh.
me: okay, i won't bring her.
my mom: [smugly walking away]

the more i thought about, the more irritated i got. nola would be fine. she likes kids. and it would only be for one day. i bravely decided to make a reservation for the daycare -- only to discover that nola's medical papers were out of date. without updated paperwork, she can't go.

but cam talked to kaiser and they said we could drop the paperwork off and the doctor would complete it with a 24-48-hour turnaround, so that's what we're going to do. cool.

put nola in her halloween costume (a little purple girly fairy thing i bought on clearance from gymboree last year) and it fit and was adorable. huzzah. wasn't sure about the fit because it's 12-18 months, but gymboree stuff tends to be long and narrow, so it worked -- a little bunchy, but nothing bad. i just need tights and a long-sleeved onesie and she's good to go for real trick-or-treating next saturday, too.

i'm looking forward to bringing nola to work. i hope she enjoys it.



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