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first blood

nola cut paul with a pair of scissors. oy vey.

i was trying to attend to a screaming bloody-thumbed paul -- "oh MY! oh MY! it HURTS!" -- but my mom kept getting in the way. i finally had to stop her.

me: would you PLEASE keep an eye on nola?

eventually she left the room to pick up nola... and then came back to crowd us at the sink. sigh.

we stopped the bleeding and put a bandage on his thumb. then he wanted a frozen lemonade to help stop the bleeding ("from the inside out?" i asked). then he wanted me to hold his thumb with one hand and feed him orange veggie straws with the other.

cam was out buying sandwiches when it happened. by the time he came home, all was well. of course, when paul told cam about it, he was very dramatic, but that luckily did not last that long.

point to nola, i guess.



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