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the children are very sick, so we stayed home today.

cam's dad delivered turkey to our doorstep for dinner (to make up for our lack of thanksgiving lunch).

the flu actually hit me last friday (by the way, the bowling birthday party paul attended last friday? perfection. i see more bowling in paul's future, but hopefully not in mine), so i'm pretty much well-ish now. still a little sniffly, a little worn around the edges, a little cloudy, but not too bad all things considered. cam, remarkably, may actually get through this unhealthy season unscathed.

nola is feverish and clingy. she threw up on me twice last night, and today she has scarcely eaten. i have been carrying her for most of the day.

paul complains of cold and stomach pains. he whines and squeals in misery.

neither one slept well last night. naps today have been brief.

it's going to be a long day for my poor babies.



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