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gray saturday

today nola and i went shopping with my mother. then we met up with cam and paul for lunch, and we went with them while my mother kept an appointment with her financial consultant.

got a coat at anthropologie. i was pretty reluctant to actually buy it because 1) i don't really NEED a new coat, and 2) it was a little pricey, even on sale, but cam (fed up with over a decade of dithering*) issued an ultimatum.

cam: if you don't buy it, i will never take you shopping again.

so i bought it. it's very cute. and we bought a doorknob. what a weird store anthropologie is.

*by the way, last night i picked up a reversible puffer vest at target. i futzed until cam pointed out, "you're going to talk yourself out of $7.50? really?"



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