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family gatherings

we went to a family party today -- blood-distant/geographically-close relations on my father's side.

i had thought last year would be our last year to attend. it sounds awful, but we went last year because my aunt was in really bad health and i thought it would be her last (and alas, it was). but this year when the invite came, i decided we should go because the kids might enjoy the kid-full gathering (nola did, but paul didn't). it's a little bit funny, though. my mom and i have been trying to get out of this party almost ever since my dad died -- when was that, 11 years ago?

it was nice to see my cousins, aunts and uncles and all the kids. i'm not really close to any of them at this point (one is a lifelong rival, one used to be my absolute favorite cousin), but i do like seeing them. am not sure if i want to do this again next year. i pretty much dreaded it up until the moment we walked in the door. it was fine and we did have a pretty good time (and oh my god, the haul!), but we're just not party people. after the kids opened their gifts, they headed to the family room to watch movies. the adults stayed behind to play a gift exchange game. we didn't participate, but we watched them for a bit. at one point cam whispered, "is this what adults do?" um, yeah. not our thing.

don't hold me to this, though. chances are we'll be back next year.



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