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naughty pictures

a few weeks back, i left my laptop on in the bedroom and went to the kitchen.

at some point, paul came upon my computer and took over. i'm used to him stealing it to play games, so i didn't think anything of it.

i don't really remember the details, but i did notice that paul was unusually secretive about what he was doing. we were admonished to not look. cam and i joked that it was almost as if he were checking out porn.

when i got back to my computer, i realized that the last thing i had been looking at was a slideshow of nsfw american apparel ads. it had been a link off some fashion forum. oops! i guess he was sort of looking at porn. cam laughed when i told him.

can't help but cringe every time i see an american apparel ad these days. have to be much more careful what gets left up on an unattended laptop.



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