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there's only one everything

i sort of feel like i am balancing a thousand dishes on my head. one false move and crash! hell and broken crockery will rain down on my life. between projects for every department but my own, i'm finding that stolen moments of quiet (like now) should really, really be treasured.

of course, i did play it off lightly to my boss.

me: when [project X] ended, it went DEAD.
me: i didn't know what to do.
me: i lost all purpose for... a few minutes!
him: [laughing] a few minutes, huh?
me: yeah, that was about all the downtime i could stand.

i think i lie most convincingly. my mom says i thrive on pressure, but this? (my mom also didn't think that we could joke about the presence of swine flu in our household, but duh, nothing is sacred but certain dead relatives.)

on a lighter note, i learned yesterday that when a certain person said, "that's your chair" (gesturing to a visitor chair in his office), he meant it. my assistant had to spend some time in that person's office and noticed that he had printed out my name and picture off the firm intranet (in color, no less -- where's the color printer?) and taped it to the chair. my chair, indeed.

him: i TOLD you that was your chair.
me: yes, you did, but...

the funny thing is that i don't think i have ever sat in that chair. when i come by to chat, i stand in the doorway. guess it's an invitation?



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