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worst week ever?

nola went to the backup daycare on tuesday because of my mother needing to go in for a biopsy. (the next day she stayed with cam's dad and sister because my mother was still too sore.)

let me just say that it was a long day for everyone. little "miss nola" is known for being needy and always wanting to be "in arms." she also is known for not eating a damned thing without me.

daycare worker: does she talk at home?
me: a little, yes.
daycare worker: here, all she says is no!

now she is sick, but i don't know where it came from. since she was in daycare on tuesday, but didn't get sick until friday, i'm a little perplexed and a little unwilling to blame them. whatever the source, it's pretty nasty. my poor miserable congested runny-nosed feverish sweetie. dammit, didn't we just get the h1n1 (which paul calls h1x1) out of our household?



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