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my grandmother died today.

my cousin and her fiance picked up my mom and brought her back to moreno valley.

my mother called me while i was at work and told me that her mother was unlikely to survive the night. i asked her if she was going to go to the hospital, and she said she was thinking about it.

within an hour or so, it was determined that she was going, but that my cousin from moreno valley (currently living and working in la) was going to pick her up. i was relieved because i don't like her driving at night.

by the time we got home, my mother said, "i talked to [my mom's sister] and she said her last breath..."

me: what?
my mother: she died already.
me: you didn't tell me!

probably not the most grown-up response, but i was so surprised. then we had to behave like everything was the same and make dinner for the kids. my cousin showed up a while later and they left. i'm not sure when my mom will be back, but i suspect it will be pretty soon because she and her siblings really shouldn't all be in the same part of the country at once.

best wishes, grandma. i'm glad we saw you on saturday. (i've already thanked cam for suggesting the trip.) i'm sorry we didn't see you more often.



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