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toyed with the idea of working with home today, but it didn't work out.

just as well, i had a meeting. (i hate friday meetings.)

but i promised myself i'd take monday off -- and i notified my dept so that i couldn't get out of it. i only mentioned the funeral to four people, and three of them were amazed (two were mad) that i only took off one bereavement day. but monday will be a vacation day because i have plenty of benefit time to spare.

(my mom told me that the mortuary offered death confirmation forms (i don't know what the hell they call them) to get people out of work. my cousins were all about that. the service rep asked if anyone else needed one -- my mom thought, "whatever, grace doesn't need that." i'm not sure why... because i wouldn't take off five days? or because i AM the boss and i don't need to prove to anyone that someone died? either way, she was right, i guess.)

not sure what was in the air, but people were very talkative today. drove me mad. how am i supposed to get anything done with people plopping down in my visitors' chairs all day long? my assistant was right -- i need "the doctor is in" signs and a pick-a-number dispenser on the door.

it was a busy, busy day. cam didn't pick me up until almost six (with kids in tow) and he still had to wait a little bit. so glad that it's over and i have a three-day weekend ahead of me.



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