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went to see glee live! last night.

while in line to get inside, i started to feel really self-conscious and dorky.

once seated, the dork transformation was halted by grown-up irritation with the valley girls behind me. "OH MY GOD, I need to go shopping for my halloween costumes like right now. i'm going to be Quinn and hit me baby one more time britney spears. it's going to be SO 90s!"

they were showing quotes on the screens from glee before the show, and the valley girls behind me did not know how to read silently.

the opening act, a self-important dance crew, were actually pretty cute and entertaining. "OMG, is that the asian guy from glee or is that just some other asian guy?"

The show itself was so much fun. quinn was not in padding. and i don't know why i was so surprised, but they looked exactly the same on the stage and on the screens as they do on tv, just sweatier! (cam thought they looked older, too.) vocal adrenaline (nameless dancers) performed rehab and mercy to give the main folks a chance to rest and change.

closed with true colors and somebody to love. pyrotechnics and confetti! i whispered to cam that it was like american idol. he smiled, but i wonder if he realized i meant the very first american idol and how everything was just leading to a moment like this.



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