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tiny waking moments

my daughter is a night owl. i do not have time in my life for a weeknight night owl. dammit, where is the baby who would go to sleep by 9:30? normally i insist on keeping her in bed until she falls asleep (between 11:30-12), but since it's a friday night and i intend to stay up late, she's with me in the living room.

right now she's pointing at the tv. "gwasses," she says, talking about a john flansburgh puppet. "gwasses," she says, pointing at me.

now she's wearing paul's rainboots. "boots," she informs me. she stumbles. "whoa, whoa! shoe. shoe. shoe. shoes." she removes the boots and carries them to me. she gets upset when my feet won't fit into them, but cheers up when she puts them back on. "wook, boots."

now she's lining up her baby doll and some stuff animals on the steps. "sit," she tells them.

i know she still naps during the day (and god knows she sleeps in late in the mornings now), but how does she manage to have so much energy when all i want to do is veg?



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