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just the three of us

today cam went to see "inception" with his dad.

i had planned to hit the nordstrom anniversary sale with my mom, but we decided on sunday morning instead. we could have taken the kids with us and gone today (well, i guess yesterday? saturday), but paul would have been the most miserable child ever.

(speaking of movies, paul saw "despicable me" with his grandfather the other day. i felt secretly teary because i've never been to the movies with paul.)

i did think -- foolishly -- that i'd be able to get some cleaning done, but the children had other ideas. the kids played in the backyard with nola's water table, then while nola napped, paul and i ate a snack/early lunch and read encyclopedia brown stories.

paul is hysterical about encyclopedia brown ("eb," he says). when i asked him if he knew the solution to a case, he told me he knew but wouldn't tell me. once i read the solution at the back of the book, he crowed, "i was right!" the times i i thought i knew the answer, he would tell me that he knew it, too, but he always kept mum until i told him my suspicions. then, of course, "i was thinking the same thing." and if i'm right, then "i was right! you were, too."

when cam came back, i was a little sad but more than a little relieved. it's funny -- cam and i are just so tied at the hip that i have so little experience spending time with both kids without him.



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