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staged antics

sunday nola and i went to see the wiggles. nola's first concert!

first, let me just say that universal studios' rerouting of gibson amphitheater's entrance from over by the theme park to somewhere in the middle of citywalk is just plain ass. i hope it's a temporary move. if it's not a temporary move, then please fix it so it doesn't look like we didn't pay some ungodly amount for tickets and we're just trying to sneak in by the side. the people selling souvenirs from SHOPPING CARTS was a nice touch. who would have guessed that a little dorothy the dinosaur would cost $12 from a homeless person? and having to stop the line so that trucks could drive through the middle? priceless.

so. we ran/hopped/trotted from the end of citywalk to the middle of it (me in 4" cork wedges, carrying a baby and a diaper bag) and hit the correct line with about 3 minutes to spare. the young woman at the gate had a malfunctioning ticket scanner, so getting actually checked in took a while. once we got into the venue (great seats, by the way), everything calmed down, and luckily we still had about 10-15 minutes before the show started.

things did not start out well. when the ringmaster came out to warm up the crowd, nola just looked blankly at him. when he got the group to start clapping, she started to cry! she used my hands to cover her ears.

it was going to be a long afternoon, i thought to myself, remembering my last wiggles concert experience.

but once the wiggles showed up, she sat up straight, moved my hands aside and STARED. she STARED throughout the whole show, mesmerized. it was tv come to life! other kids sang and danced and clapped (behind me, an overzealous filipino dad was whipping his little boy into a frenzy. "look, it's dorothy! look, it's captain feathersword! look, jeff! play your guitar, dennis, play your guitar!"), but nola simply stared.

i looked around and was amused to see other tiny tots (too tiny to dance? too tiny to want to?) had that same intense stare action going on.

it was a good show. they were high-energy but not too high-energy, they mixed old and new songs, they tossed in a few more grown-up comments to keep the parents amused. i was amazed at anthony's upper-body strength. no wonder someone carried a sign that read "anthony, my mom likes to watch you."

because we had such good seats, almost all of them ran by us at one point or another. i didn't think to bring a real camera, unfortunately.

the only thing that i thought brought the show down, and i know this is a big part of all of their stage shows, is the running around and picking up of roses and bones, and the reading of the signs (and the inevitable photo opps). i know this is a tradition, but it takes forever.

nola said hardly a word during the show, but that changed after it ended. "wiggles," she said, wiggling her hands. i bought her a purple t-shirt, and she insisted on wearing it right away. "purple! wiggles!" with her oversized purple shirt and paul's old reversible hat (wiggles live! patch on the plain denim side, green wth yellow dots on the other), she was quite a sight. when we met up with cam and paul (they went to the movies), she announced, "wiggles!" to them as if they couldn't tell.

i'm glad we went. not sure what her next concert experience will be, but i hope it's as positive overall as this one was.



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