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historically romantic

at the behest of one of my employees, i just finished reading hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet. clutching a slightly worn copy, she shyly came into my office, asking just as shyly, "do you like to read books?"

it was a ludicrous question. no, ma'am, i do not like to read books. i like to read words. if there happen to be enough words to make a book, then good. if there are only enough words to cover the side of a box of cereal, i can deal with that, too.

good grief, woman, you forget i was an english major once upon a time. do i like to read books. to quote hercule poirot, "tcha!"

so i replied brightly, "sometimes!"

so she lent it to me, and i read it. it was very cute and very obvious. i got to misty but not as far as teary. (which is kind of shocking because i cry at commercials these days.) i feel like one day soon it will be a movie and LOTS of asian-american actors and actresses will be very happy because the producers and directors will need LOTS of extras.

at the back of the book i found a list of discussion questions. is that what people do at book club meetings? seriously, these were like wussy essay questions. reading comprehension questions. fascinating stuff. (i just deleted a supremely catty line.) to be fair, i know nothing about book clubs and the state of modern literature, and really, anything that makes people get up and read and talk about what they've read should be commended, but i'm meaner than that.

still a pretty read, though. can fault the writer for a lot of things, but can't blame him for the questions at the back, right?



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