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kinda sorta inauspicious

so. there were two reasons for taking off tuesday earlier this week:

1) rescheduled ob/gyn appointment.
2) paul's new school orientation.

a few months ago, i got a friendly little note from my medical provider. hey, it's time for your next pap smear, it said.

oh yeah, i thought, and set it aside.

fast forward. another note: hey. HEY. pap smear!!! OR ELSE.

i made an appointment within days of that charming reminder, and planned to work from home the day of the appointment. much to my irritation, i had to reschedule that appointment due to my period. (speaking of which, i apparently have an extremely regular 28-day cycle. out of curiosity, i downloaded a free tracking app for my phone, and lo and behold, the "projected date" is always right. it makes me wonder if perhaps i've always had such an insanely regular cycle. that would mean my own inability to read a calendar would be behind my lifelong idea that i've had an irregular cycle.)

the appointment went as expected. not a whole lot to report, other than the fact that i left cam in the waiting room for this one. oh speculum, you are not my friend.

in the afternoon, paul, cam and i went to paul's new school for his magnet orientation. can you say, "bloody waste of time?"

seriously, the only good things that came out of it were 1) we discovered they were smoking something when they called our house to remind us to bring in paperwork we were never obligated to provide, 2) we learned they don't require a uniform, and 3) we got to wander the halls and blacktop of our old school.

but still. i wouldn't have missed it. what a trip. and what a nice thing to spend some time with just paul. love nola to pieces, but sometimes, i want to just cuddle with my little boy.

it was a pretty busy day. i meant to spend my final night before returning to work going over some papers i brought home on friday, but i ended up being so tired i didn't even bother getting up after nola went to sleep.



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