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after watching last week's glee, i had "lucky" (jason mraz/colbie caillat) stuck in my head. i thought quinn and sam performed most cutely.

mentioned it to cam, and he suggested i buy the track off itunes. okay, not a bad idea. i already had the original, but, like i said, the glee version was cute. so i spent a few minutes browsing the glee catalog.

oh my freaking god.

people who post excessively negative reviews of glee songs because they feel they don't measure up to the original are people who need to get a grip. okay, say the song is lacking something, it doesn't quite have the charm/spark/tune/feeling/whatever of the original. fair enough. but because you feel that they butchered a song that is near and dear to your heart, you think the show/people behind the show should leave/die/owe you an apology?

Glee is so lame! They don't sing their own songs. The show is so fake. The actors aren't even teenagers. They're all in their 20's. This show takes place at a high school. WTF? You ruined a song by my favorite band. Screw you. You guys are one of the reasons music is almost dead.

or this:

overall, GLEE failed, butchered on[e] of my favorite songs, the stupid girl has no emotion. srsly, how do ppl like Glee???? ... GLee itself is one big epic FAIL.

i have the hardest time understanding this. maybe it's just the culture of the internet -- anonymity creates bullies, yay! but really -- you don't like, don't comment! does it make you feel like a big person to say, "yeah, the reason why this song is 4.5 stars instead of 5 is all me, baby"?



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