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balancing act

there are many aspects of my life that appear to be so smooth and shiny on the outside. i can even talk them up that way, and convince others of the rightness... but if i'm really honest with myself, it's just not happening.

so NOT happening.

deep down, i suspect that i'm hoping that if i can fake it until i can bake it, then i'll be okay. for some things, the impression is worth almost as much as the reality. one day i'll have time for this blog (unfairly supplanted by facebook -- vanity, thy name is grace -- how i enjoy the instant feedback of "like" when i'm feeling like i'm being clever), one day i'll stop feeling guilty when my subordinates have too much to do, one day nola will be potty-trained, one day paul will stop whining, and one day i'll learn how to completely utilize all 24 hours in a day.



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