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it's almost nine, and nola is laughing and pointing at her teapot.

nola: i making tea ice cream!
nola: song!
nola: i making tea cake.

now she is counting teacups.

nola: i'm count this.
nola: mommy, you count me.
nola: one two three four five six seven eight nine!
nola: is enough?
me: yes.
nola: [thinking] yay!
nola: [triumphant pose] i did it!

now she is showing me two small stuffed animals.

nola: like match.
nola: look mommy, both brown.
nola: [holding up two fingers] like two bears.

i've been playing the wiggles lullaby album in the background for over half an hour now, and clearly the only sleepy person here is me.



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