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happy two-days-early birthday

today we had a party for nola at cam's parents' house. the usual group: cam's parents, sister, uncle, my mom, and us.

the best gifts were homemade (iron-on) ducky momo shirts--one from paul and several (identical) from cam's uncle.

the creepiest gift was a pair of sing-a-ma-jigs. but the adults loved them.

the strangest moment was when nola burst into tears when we sang "happy birthday" (and covered her ears) and wouldn't blow out the candles.

the most annoying moments were when my mom had outsized reactions to paul's behavior. yeah, so he was a little hyper and attention-hogging when nola was opening gifts. whatever. he's a kid.

the most unexpected moment was when paul and i decided to take a walk around the block and i got him to tell me that he felt left out when the neighbor girls decided to do an activity instead of playing a game with him.

the cutest moment was when the kids snuggled down on nola's new pillow pet and wrapped themselves in her new hello kitty throw.

the funniest moment was when nola pretended to read bedtime stories to us. "once time. bamdaid. my bamdaid. come here, boy. the end." there were quite a few. i wish i could remember them all.

i like these family parties. low-key. i'm not looking forward to the day when we'll have to host parties for groups of giggling girls.



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