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love amongst equals?

last night at dinner cam asked me how many relationships i had had in my lifetime.

as i tried to count in my head, he added that "stalking" situations in which i had played along didn't count. i don't think i had phrased it quite like that, but i had mentioned earlier that i had been involved in a number of relationships in which the other person had really liked me, and i had been flattered and went along for the ride, even though i didn't necessarily have the same feelings at the outset.

me: um, about three?
cam: i suddenly feel like a whore.

it's an interesting distinction. surely people do this all the time? i always thought it was better to have one person at least slightly more obsessed than the other because it means someone's in control.

how many relationships start out on completely equal obsessive footing?

(for what it's worth, i think i've had more than three, but i don't want to examine the past too closely lest i don't like what i see.)



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